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Sabos Pizza

7374 W Ridge Rd Fairview, PA 16415


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Sabos Pizza

7374 W Ridge Rd
Fairview , PA 16415

This person with the complaint is not being honest, I was sitting in the shop when this occurred, she was told the special was 10.99 and we all know we have to pay sales tax which would be 11.65 she stated she paid 11.29 so she didn't even pay her whole bill and she was the one who was being rude, it is a shame people can write false information about businesses and try and get away with it,

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Dec 30, 2014
By: James

Sabo's Pizza

7374 W Ridge Rd
Fairview , PA 16415

Tonight was an absolute nightmare at Sabo's Pizza in Fairview, PA. Let me start out by saying that we have been loyal customers for years now and have always been treated well. We love the food at Sabo's but sadly.....tonight was our last visit and order there. I called tonight to order a pizza, I talked to a guy named Bob on the phone that was very pleasant. He quoted me for a large pizza and also for an X-Large as well. When he told me $10.99 for the XL pizza with one topping I decided to go with the Large. I ordered a Large with one topping and had them place pepperoni on one half, and Sausage on the other half. When I arrived and walked in the door a guy rang my pizza up and told me $11.29. I told him that there was probably a mistake as that was too high, but I had coupon for $8.99 so it was no big deal. He was about to correct the price and mentioned we were being charged for the extra topping. There was a younger girl that approached me and asked what the problem was in a very snotty tone. She then took over the ringing duties and told me that there is a charge for extra toppings. I reiterated that we only had one topping but have pepperoni placed on one half of the pizza and sausage on the other half and that we have NEVER been charged for this in all the years that we have conducted business with Sabo's. This individual insisted on arguing with me over the topic that there is a charge for this and that I was wrong and she did not believe me. She basically called me an liar. I told her I did not want to argue with her, and I only wanted my pizza. She rung up my pizza and threw my money at me literally. I then said to her "so...if I am quoted $11.99 for an XL pizza with one topping and I place pepperoni on one half and sausage on the other half....I will be charged more than $11.99?" She replied yes...I then again told her we had never been charged and she started arguing all over again raising her voice at me in front of 2 other customers. I almost walked out without the pizza, but felt obligated as I did order it and did not want to stick Sabo's with a wasted pizza. As I was leaving I told her to remove us from Sabo's system as we were done and would not come back ever again. She was actually yelling at me as I walked out the door and told me I was stupid. I only responded very calmly that she was a poor business woman and had not customer service skills. As I walked across the front of the store outside, she was still yelling! I have never been treated so poorly by someone as this young, immature girl did tonight. She had no customer service skills and wanted to argue. I looked at the other employee's in the shop and they all had their heads down without a peep. We will NEVER do business again with a place that does not value their customers and know when to keep their mouth shut. This girl was ruthless. But I am proud I was that grown up that stayed calm. She had a full face, light colored hair pulled back with a cap. 5'7 for Sabo's information......

Pros: Great Pizza and Food

Cons: Horrible customer service!!! Belittling young adults that have no respect for the customer.

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Dec 27, 2014

Sabos Pizza

7374 W Ridge Rd
Fairview , PA 16415

Good food and the delivery people are great also. Especially Barb. Prices are reasonable.

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Jul 17, 2013
By: Tami